About WUSC

Wilson United SC is a club that serves families all throughout Wilson County, TN. We provide people with soccer opportunities beginning at five years old and as old as sixty-five years old.

We are a certified 501c3 non-profit organization and we have been around since 2014.

Our Vision

To foster positive opportunities where players can develop to their full potential and are inspired to find lifelong enjoyment in the game of soccer.

It is important to note two critical pieces of our vision:

  1. We focus on the whole person and the five groups that contribute to the success of our club.
  2. We believe we can help people achieve their highest ambitions. Some of these ambitions will be in soccer, but many will not be. We strive to elevate all members of our club to be their best.
Core Values
  • Inspire
  • Character
  • Leadership
  • Respect
  • Inspiring Passion (for the love and joy of soccer).
  • Cultivating Character (on and off the pitch).
  • Dedicated Coaching (that is focused on the development of both player and coach).
  • Holistic Development (that fosters the physical, mental and emotional growth of the player).
  • Dynamic Competition (that provides a safe, fun, and healthy environment for players to compete at all levels).
  • Community Engagement (that benefits those inside and outside of our club).
Board Members

Our Volunteer Soccer Board is made up of Parents and Leaders within the Community.

Board members meet monthly to help set direction for the club. Monthly meetings are on our Calendar. If you are interested in volunteering please let us know by reaching out to us at info@wilsonunited.org

Al DiPasqua
Vice President
Ian Christenson
Stephanie Papavero
Verena Crutchfield
Risk Management Director
Adam Green
Operations Staff

Our Operations Staff is made up of awesome and caring people!

We are ready to help you with any questions or if you need directions on where to go or what to do! Please send general questions to info@wilsonunited.org.

Director of Strategic Growth and Outreach
James Herren
Manager of Soccer Operations
Samantha Thomas
Ray Akers
Development Center Director & Director of Select Coaching
James Branch
Director of Recreational Coaching — U8 & Below
Hope Moses
Director of Recreational Coaching — U10 & Above
Chad Streeter
Academy Center Director
Terrance Marshoro
Referee Assignor
Victoria Croley

Tournament Director
Mike Gawel