Rec Rules

Rec Rules

Rules U4C U5 B/G U6 B/G U7 B/G U8 B/G U10 B/G U12 B/G U14 B/G U16
Field Size (LxW) 60x120 80x140 115x135 120x210
# of players (incl GK) 4v4 5v5 7v7 7v7 or 9v9 (depends on roster size)
Goalkeeper (GK) no yes (must throw out) yes (punt or throw out)
Playing time (min) 4 quarters x 10 minutes each 2 halves x 25 minutes each 2 halves x 30 minutes each
Ball Size 3 4 5
Goal Size 4x6 6x12 7x18
Offside no yes
Build Out Lines no yes no
Head Balls no yes
Throw-in pass-in throw-in
Referee coach or parent official referee
Corner kick yes
Goal Area none yes
Goal Kick yes (2-3 years from the goal line) yes
Penalty area/kick none yes
Substitutions at any stoppage and unlimited modified FIFA
Free kicks all direct modified FIFA
Playing time all players should play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time
Slide tackling no
Scoring no official score keeping

Field sizes subject to change due to limitations in space and layount

Fouls, corner kicks, goal kicks, pass-in and kick-offs are all direct for U8 and younger. U10+ will play by FIFA regulations

U16 Coaches: please work with the other coach when it comes to playing 9v9 or 7v7 - it depends on the number of players.

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