Select Tryouts

We are excited you are interested in our club and what we have to offer your family and your athlete(s)!

Wilson United Soccer Club provides a positive environment for youth soccer players; guiding and inspiring them to reach their full potential as athletes, students and productive citizens.

We believe that the overall level of training will improve, therefore creating a more challenging playing environment for each player, regardless of their placement within the club. We believe that when a player is placed at the appropriate level, they have more fun and learn the game better.

The Select Tryout process takes place over two sessions. Players need to plan to attend both sessions for their age group.

Select Tryouts

The tryouts have passed but contact us for a make up day


Join Select

WUSC has both boys and girls teams ranging in birth years 2016-2005, and anyone is eligible to try out for any available positions on applicable select teams. Players must meet state mandated age restrictions for the team they are trying out for, and must be invited to join the team by the Head Coach based on the try out evaluations. Existing WUSC recreational players are granted additional access to the travel teams by being invited to the Development Center. This is an additional practice and development activity to help mature players into this competitive level.

Select Commitment

There is both a financial and time commitment to Select Soccer. We encourage players to stay active throughout the year. Get out in the yard with a ball, and invite teammates over to play 2v2 or 3v3. Please make every effort to attend our soccer camp in late June/early July.

Teams typically practice two evenings per week with games on the weekend. The season typically starts in late July/early August. You will receive our schedule with practice nights and locations as well as games and tournaments towards the start of the season.

While every team's cost might be slightly different due to the number of friendlies and tournaments. The below shows an example cost for the club fees and possible costs for many of the travel teams. Please don't let the costs below stop you from playing travel. If you are interested we have payment options, work options, and payment installments that can help.

Select Fees

Age Group: Birth Year Gender Season Club Fee* Team Fees
M&F Fall and Spring $850 $200-$400 per Fall & Spring
M Fall $450 $200-$400 Fall only
F Spring $450 or $650** $200-$400 Spring only

Monthly Payments for Club Fees// Team Fees vary team by team

*Credit card fees are not included. 

**Additional Club fees may be added for teams that start before the winter break

  • Training by licensed coaches
  • Minimum 2 days/week
  • TSSA registration and Player Card
  • Insurance
  • Field maintenance
  • Program equipment and training jersey
  • Specialized training sessions
  • (Goalkeeping, Speed & Agility, etc.)
  • Club administration

**Additional Club Fees may be added for teams that start prior to the winter break.

  • Tournaments
  • Referee and assignor fees
  • League fees
  • (State League, Junior Development, winter indoor)
  • Coach expenses/stipend for tournaments
  • Program equipment and training
  • Practice Jersey
  • Team Fee Payment Schedule
  • Dependent on the individual team (roster size, event schedule).
Recap of Fees

Club Fee (to the club) +

Team Fee (to the manager) +

Jersey Kit (you will order from soccer village)

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is available for players who complete the application and submit the required documents. Scholarship applications may be approved as “FULL” which will cover a player’s full Club Fee, or as “PARTIAL” which will cover a portion of a player’s Club Fee only. Parents or guardians of the approved financial aid/scholarship player will still be responsible for the cost of uniform, Team Fees, and other individual costs that are associated with playing competitive soccer. Financial Aid/Scholarship recipients must also be in good standing with WUSC. This includes responsibilities associated with WUSC’s Code of Conduct, Team Fees, regular attendance to training sessions, games, and other team activities. Please contact to apply.

Team Managers

Team Managers are parent volunteers who have been asked to manage the administrative and communication needs of the team. This includes collecting and maintaining paperwork required for each player, uniform coordination, league administration, tournament registration & travel requirements, and team finances.


Feature Team:

Our Feature Team is where excellence meets opportunity. Designed for athletes who consistently perform at the highest level, our Feature program provides elite training and competition experiences. With three days of intensive training each week, athletes in this program hone their skills under the guidance of our expert coaching staff, all of whom hold national D or higher licenses. Competing in gold or higher brackets at tournaments, Feature athletes aim for success not only locally and regionally but also on a national scale. Our comprehensive approach includes specialized training in speed and agility, nutrition, and performance, ensuring that athletes are primed for peak performance both on and off the field. If your aspirations reach beyond the ordinary, our Feature Team is where you belong.

Black Team:

For those with a competitive spirit and a drive to excel, our Black Team offers a pathway to success. With two days of focused training each week, Black Team athletes sharpen their skills and elevate their game to compete in silver level brackets at tournaments, primarily within the state. Many of our Black Team athletes aspire to reach the Feature level and are dedicated to their craft, putting in extra work outside of training sessions. With a focus on development and competitiveness, the Black Team sets the stage for future achievements on and off the field.

Red Team:

Our Red Team strikes the perfect balance between skill development and recreational enjoyment. Catering to athletes seeking a higher level of play than recreational soccer, the Red Team trains twice a week and competes in bronze level tournaments locally. With an emphasis on camaraderie and a love for the game, Red Team athletes enjoy the thrill of competition while focusing on personal growth and team dynamics. If you're passionate about soccer and eager to take your game to the next level, the Red Team is your ideal match.

White Team:

Designed as an entry point to travel soccer, our White Team offers young athletes the opportunity to discover and develop their talents in a supportive environment. With two days of training per week and local tournaments, White Team athletes build their foundational skills and gain valuable experience on the field. Whether you're new to soccer or looking to transition from recreational play, the White Team provides a pathway to growth and achievement.


What is Select soccer?

Select soccer provides qualified players with the skill set and soccer knowledge to compete at higher levels. Our Select coaches and trainers are licensed, professional coaches with many years of experience. Select soccer does require additional time and financial commitments from parents and players. Playing at the Select level requires players to place more emphasis on skill development, fitness, and an overall commitment to the game.

Do I have to try out with my age group?

Yes. All players will try out with their specific birth year group, regardless of the current team they play with. We feel it is essential to evaluate players of the same age together to fully gauge their skills. 

Do we need to attend both tryout dates for our age group?

Yes, 'The Select Tryout process takes place over two sessions. Please plan to attend both sessions for your age group.
If the player cannot attend both sessions, please register for tryouts and specify in the comment section if your player will be unable to attend both days and provide a brief explanation.

I will be out of town on both days of tryouts. What are my options?

Please register for tryouts, note that you will be out of town, and then reach out to us: at

How long will it take to find out if my player made a team?

Notification of selection to the Club will be made shortly after completion of the tryout by email. Acceptance of that selection will indicate parents’ willingness to fulfill the commitments required of you and your child as members of the club as dictated by the policies, procedures and by-laws which can be found elsewhere on this website. Ideally, initial player notification will take place no later than the Friday proceeding the tryout week. Where multiple teams are being formed in each age group the process will take longer.

Why aren't parents allowed to sit on the field during tryouts?

Tryouts can be very stressful for both players and parents! We believe players perform best without the added pressure of performing before a crowd, where they can solely focus on their coaches and instruction. You will still be able to observe sessions from a distance. To maintain the integrity of the tryout process, please reserve any questions during tryouts to the operations staff, and not the coaches.

What area(s) is the player evaluated on during tryouts?

Athletes will be evaluated on, but not limited to: technical skills, athleticism, soccer IQ, coachability, attitude and effort.

Will we get to meet our team coach during tryouts?

Yes, there will be a chance to meet the team coaches, of each age group, at tryouts. The Club will provide a schedule for the parents and the meeting will be held at the Parents Zone.

How many coaches are in attendance evaluating tryouts?

The evaluation process includes a staff of coaches for each age group/team joined by a division head.

Why did WUSC choose these tryout dates?

TN Soccer gives us approved dates to hold tryouts. We do our best to make them in the evenings for everyone to attend.

Does my player need to try out every year, or does the Club hold their spot?

Athletes must try out yearly, no spots are guaranteed.

Do high school age girls have to tryout even if they aren’t playing until the spring?

Yes, everyone needs to attend both nights of tryouts.

How long is the commitment?

Commitment depends on age group, as follows:
U14 & below play for a 10-month season (fall and spring with optional winter offerings)
U15 & above play for a 4 - 5 month season (Boys in the fall and Girls in the spring)

How are the games scheduled?

The coaches and managers work with other clubs to schedule games and tournaments at the beginning of each season (August/January). Please note that these schedules are subject to change due to field and referee availability, etc.

Where are games played?

Home games are held at our field locations in Lebanon and Mount Juliet. Away games are typically played throughout Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky.

Do teams participate in league play?

Yes. Depending on age, teams may participate in State League (U12+) or the Junior’s Development League (JDL) for U10 and U11. Both State League and JDL allow teams to compete in a skill-based league with other clubs in the state of Tennessee. More information about these programs can be found at

How much playing time will my son/daughter get?

Playing time is at the coach’s discretion and is based on performance, effort, attendance, attitude, and commitment, both at training sessions and in games. Playing time may vary from game to game, but players will get as much time on the field as possible for their development.

Are players expected to attend every training session and every game?

Yes. Select soccer requires a high level of commitment to your team. While we understand that life events may occasionally conflict with training schedules and games, it is our expectation that players attend all team functions.

Will my team participate in tournaments?

Yes. Teams *typically participate in 1 to 2 tournaments per season, but this varies by team based on schedules and budget considerations.

What nights and times are training sessions?

This varies by team and is dependent on coach and field availability. Typically, Select teams will train 2x per week on weekday evenings after 5:00 pm.

What’s the difference between the colors of the teams? (Ie. Feature,Black, Red, and White)

We have 4 levels of Select Teams at Wilson United.

Feature Team:

Our Feature Team is for athletes who perform at the highest level of their age group. With three days of training per week and competitions in gold or higher brackets at tournaments, Feature athletes receive top-tier coaching and support. Training includes specialized sessions in speed and agility, nutrition, and performance to help athletes excel on and off the field.

Black Team:

The Black Team is for highly competitive athletes aiming to compete in silver level brackets at tournaments. Training twice a week, Black Team athletes focus on skill development and teamwork, with competitions primarily within the state.

Red Team:

Our Red Team is perfect for athletes seeking a higher level of play than recreational soccer. With two days of training per week and competitions in bronze level tournaments locally, Red Team athletes enjoy the game while honing their skills and building camaraderie.

White Team:

The White Team offers an entry point to travel soccer, providing young athletes with the opportunity to develop their skills in a supportive environment. With two days of training per week and local tournaments, White Team players gain valuable experience and grow as individuals and teammates.